Spirits Accelerated Aging Stick with Bottle Cap


Spirits Accelerated Aging Stick

The main body of the spirits accelerated aging stick with bottle cap is made by stainless steel 316L, medical grade. Inside of stainless steel stick is full of HKE energy fluid. The HKE energy fluid influenced by the far-infrared emissivity of the sun and the gravity of the earth's rotating magnetic field creates physical resonance. Under the effect of this resonance, the ethanol will be acceleratedly free from congeners, making the Whiskey or wine more aromatic, smoother and aged taste. This is the best solution to turn inexpensive spirits like whiskey into expensive-tasting spirits in just 1 ~ 3 minutes.

HKE resonant technology is accelerated physical maturation method. The product does not need to be powered, heated, condensed, gasified or added any additives during the accelerated aging process.

What are the Advantages
Effectively identify chemically synthesized fake and inferior wines.
Reduce bitterness and methanol in newly made spiritsReduce bitterness and methanol
    in young wine.
Enhance the esterification of young wine and makes the tannins soft and docile.
Thanks to low isobaric and strong penetration, the spirits or young wine after HKE aging
    will have a faster metabolism and less hangover.

How to Use It
Just put HKE Spirits Accelerated Aging Stick into the bottle and let stick contacts with Spirits, Liquor or Wine. Stir few second and close the cap back on the bottle firmly.

Whiskey : The effect of HKE physical resonance cracks the macromolecules in Whiskey and makes more flavors on your palate. To aging whiskey, you put the stick in bottle about 1 ~ 3 minutes. You can even extend the time of putting stick in the bottle according to personal preference.
Liquor : For aging the liquor, the longer the resonance time of HKE Spirits Accelerated Aging Stick in bottle, the more aromatic and mellow it will be. However, the taste of liquor will be difficult to drink if there are some unnatural additives in liquor.

Red Wine : For sober-up the wine, it takes only 20 ~ 30 seconds. Under the effect of HKE physical resonance, the hidden aroma will be rapidly released and whole wine will become more delicate. As personal preference, extend the stick, to enjoy the greatest pleasure of wine in the bottle time. As time went by, it will bring different charm of the red wine. HKE Spirits Accelerated Aging Stick is very suitable for the strong young wines of tannins.
* The HKE spirits accelerated aging stick is not suitable for bubble wine like Beer or Champagne.

HKE Physical Resonance Technology in Spirits Accelerated Aging Stick
The inside of accelerated aging stick is full of HKE energy fluid made by rare elementary materials which contains basic elements, protons and electrons. The energy of protons comes from the far-infrared emissivity of the sun, and the electrons are affected by the gravity of the earth's rotating magnetic field. After the two collide, they spontaneously rotate to generate resonance energy.

The resonance energy can be considered as a kind of catalytic engine to accelerate the effect of aging, making the spirits, liquor or wine more aromatic and smoother.

Equipment Indication

Mechanical Specification
Material 316L stainless steel , medical grade
Length (Cap included) 2 length of sticks, 12 cm/ 24 cm
Length (Cap not included) 11.5 cm/ 23.5 cm
Diameter (Outer) 0.759 cm
Weight 123g (short stick); 173g (long stick)
Half-life Period 10 years
Test Certificates Non-Radioactive Containmination Test by SGS
Cleaning Method Wash with clean water after use and then wipe with a clean dry cloth