Aquaculture - Taiwan Gentian Grouper

In both agriculture and fishing, the significance of water quality cannot be overstated, complementing technological advancements. Currently, globally, there are 106 grouper species, with 8 successfully propagated artificially, including 6 in Taiwan. This success owes much to Mr. Dai Kuncai. After over five years of dedicated research and development in gentian grouper and Tiger grouper breeding technology, Dai Kuncai achieved a groundbreaking milestone by successfully propagating the gentian grouper artificially on July 1, 1995. This achievement reverberated throughout the global fishery community. Mr. Dai Kuncai's unwavering commitment, paired with the strategic use of hexagonal water generated by AquaHex's hexagonal water generator for aquaculture, played a pivotal role in his remarkable success and standing in the industry.

The implementation of AquaHex hexagonal water not only ensures optimal water quality but also contributes to the overall health of the fish. The unique properties of hexagonal water enhance nutrient absorption and promote fish vitality, resulting in healthier and more robust aquatic life.