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AquaHex hexagonal water The adult human body comprises 60% water, predominantly housed within cells. Water, a vital source of energy and information carrier for humans, becomes invaluable when devoid of pollutant memory. In newborns, water within their cellular makeup manifests as hexagonal ring-like clusters, recognized as structured, revitalized, or small molecule cluster water.

Numerous systems exist for generating hexagonal, structured, or revitalized water, often employing minerals (potentially containing radiation), chemicals, electricity, or magnets. However, effective systems should exhibit long-lasting capabilities, absence of radiation pollution, and a narrow water NMR half-width below 70Hz. (The average NMR half-width of longevity village water globally ranges from 80Hz to 90Hz.)

Years of research aimed at replicating this unique water structure led former Soviet aeronautical scientists (Ukrainian Life Scientists) to develop high-tech catalysts. Applying the principle of spontaneous physical resonance, they successfully created hydrogen kinetic energy equipment, replicating the hexagonal water structure found in the human body, capable of stable preservation at room temperature for over 12 months.

Initially constrained by rare elemental materials, the catalyst proved expensive and challenging to mass-produce. Recent strides in science and technology, however, enabled the AquaHex in Taiwan to conduct extensive research, refine, and test the core catalyst. This breakthrough facilitated limited-scale mass production.

The innate characteristics of spontaneous physical resonance, driven by HKE (Hydrogen Kinetic Energy), propel the ongoing development of physical resonance technology and equipment. This innovation caters to various water-related industries, including spirits distilleries (offering Accelerated Aging Technology Solutions), bottled drinking water, aquaculture (freshwater/sea), hydroponic agriculture, RAS fish farming, agro-planting, drip irrigation agriculture, spas, swimming pools, essential oil extraction, seafood processing, beauty care (moisturizing water), animal husbandry, small molecule extraction technology for water plants, and precious herb extraction in biotechnology, among others.

AquaHex Quality Policy

Bottled hexagonal water At the forefront of the industry, the AquaHex is committed to prioritizing customer needs by providing exclusive technology and services that consistently surpass their expectations.

Our dedication to excellence is embodied in :
Continuous development and introduction of innovative technologies that transcend customer expectations.
Ensuring efficient manufacturing processes for the timely delivery of high-quality products.
Prompt responsiveness to market fluctuations and evolving customer demands.

Our team at AquaHex encourages unwavering dedication and active involvement from all staff members. This collective commitment is pivotal in achieving our objective of incessantly enhancing the quality of our products and services.