Hexagonal Water Applied to Drip Irrigation


Drip Irrigation
Today, water is an indispensable element in agriculture and crucial for ensuring food security. With population growth, urbanization, and climate change, the demand for water resources is expected to significantly increase, particularly impacting agriculture.

Hexagonal water is very suitable for drip irrigation and hydroponic agriculture because it has the same energy and vitality as melted snow water, the highest concentration of natural Hexagonal water known. In one test, melted snow water was used to sprout wheat. Results showed that melted snow water was significantly more efficient at activating the enzyme release during sprouting. The best water recognized in the world is snowmelt in places like the Alps or the Caucasus, which often flows down the mountain full of vitality and has been shown to work well for all animals and plants.

Optimal hexagonal water must exhibit enduring properties. AquaHex hexagonal water, produced via HKE physical resonance technology, embodies the qualities of long-acting hexagonal water.

AquaHex hexagonal water applied to drip irrigation
Among our customers, one individual employed our AquaHex hexagonal water generator for their rose field irrigation. Before planting, they acquired ten rose seedlings irrigated with hexagonal water to test, and to their surprise, observed remarkable growth in these seedlings. Notably, the rose seedlings irrigated with hexagonal water not only thrived but displayed robust growth, in stark contrast to others that did not perish. Witness the influence of HKE physical resonance technology on agriculture, particularly in drip irrigation and hydroponics, through our short video demonstration.