Hexagonal Water Applied to Aquaculture


Indoor Aquaculture

Aquaculture stands among the fastest-growing sectors in agriculture due to the rising global population's demand for protein-rich sustenance. The water quality in aquaculture, especially in Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS), directly impacts fish health. Recent advancements in water filtration and circulation have paved the way for substantial expansion in size and productivity for indoor fish farms.

The future of fish farming appears poised for indoor environments, as reported in Scientific American. Hexagonal water, also recognized as structured or revitalized water, generated through HKE resonance technology, demonstrates exceptional suitability for indoor freshwater or saltwater aquaculture systems employing water filtration and circulation. Its robust water activity, penetrating capacity, and heightened dissolved oxygen levels create an environment where anaerobic single-cellular algae struggle to survive while facilitating the healthy growth of high-oxygen multicellular algae. This technology reduces the frequency of freshwater or seawater changes, limits bacterial growth, and promotes robust fish growth and health.